Sweden Game Conference 2016

Attending the conference in Sweden, I had lots of opportunities to take photos of the event and of my journey whilst away. This is going to mainly be a visual blog post. Enjoy!

I attended Sweden Game Arena in Skövde, October 2016. I was invited to the conference this year as a speaker talking about “Experimental Art.” The theme of the event this year was “Inclusive Game Development.” Here’s a blurb from the conference:

“The overarching theme of the conference is inclusive game development, which we define as broadening the view of the game developer, of the game and of the player. Inclusive game development is about breaking norms and conventions in order to provide new and innovative experiences. Inclusive game development acknowledges that we need diversity in all aspects of the game development process in order to innovate and to move the game industry and game research forward. Under this theme we will cover various topics, such as: new technologies and research, emerging markets, narrative design and visual arts.”


The speakers stayed at the Hotel Billingen. Directly across from the hotel was the Skövde Kulturhaus – an art gallery and museum.

There was a variety of exhibitions with one titled “Between Revolution and War,” which had artists visualising the effects of war in the Ukraine.





The conference was held at Arena Skövde – a huge building and the first time Sweden Game Conference had been held there.


Marcus Toftedahl works at the University of Skövde, Sweden and runs the event.

There were over 40 speakers at the event with the attendees at about +1200. Mainly made up students, the event also saw lots of other international developers attend and showcase their work.


The conference ran over two days with talks, panels, workshops and a really great expo showcasing innovative games and experiences.

Games industry speakers included Tabitha Hayes, EA; Kate Edwards, IGDA; Fredrik Wester, Paradox Interactive; Warren Spector, OtherSide Entertainment; David Gaider, Beamdog Studios.








For my talk, I wore my ‘Walking Simulator’ t-shirt with pride. Reclaiming the sim.

The title of my talk was “Experimental Art.” Using diverse experiences as case studies, I gave a breakdown on how to develop meaningful artwork with a focus on diversity and inclusion as the core elements.

Each speaker was given a thank you book of Nordic artwork.







Thomas Nixon did a talk on his hobby of making working droids. He had his working R2D2 on the expo floor.


Copoka was a beautiful game made by students that was showcased at the Expo. You play as a magpie, flying around the world to discover and listen to stories. Beautiful music and stunning art. It was very impressive.



After the conference, it was on to Stockholm to return back to the UK.


I had a few hours to spare so went to The Royal Academy of Fine Art (konstakademien).


There was some really interesting exhibitions on including Tilpo, Happy Skum.


I’ll post on my blog my talk “Experimental Art” including notes for those who missed it.

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